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Welcome to MONODDOESPHOTOS.COM! I am a Dallas Based Portrait photographer. I do on location and in studio shoots. Check out my work!



Studio Work – Nothing like hit up the studio for some awesome work! Check out my recent work!


Boho Shoot – Nothing like the smell of BBQ in the morning. We went over to Pecan Lodge off Main in Deep Ellum a few days back to get a Boho Shoot going. It was so much fun, and what was better is we had he whole place to ourselves. Unlike the evenings when the crowds gather around, Deep Ellum is pretty my empty. It made it the perfect spot to walk around and take some awesome pictures.



Dani – With 4th of July around the corner, our planned shoot over at Addison Circle was shot down. That didn’t stop us and we were able to run right over to Vitruvian Park in Addison. I think that was the best idea as it kicked off our day with a boom!



Marissa – Sunnyvale, Tx has the most coolest park you can go to and hang out at a big red barn. Even though it was hot, we could have stayed there till the sun went down. There was just so much scenery and not enough time, but we did mange to get some awesome pictures. I must say it also helps to have a very talented model too!



Daisy – Nothing like watching the sun raise in downtown Dallas. We headed over to a local garage to capture some sun and these wonderful pictures.



Diana – Fashion is her life and blogging is her thing. This young girl has it all going for her and the only place that would match that is nothing other than Dallas’ Design District. You can find nothing but rows of building with colors that will make a pop in your life! Don’t forget and go check her blog out: Lovely Little Obsessions



Natasha – Graduating after all those hard long hours must feel great. Only way to really celebrate that is to capture that wonderful feeling with some great portraits. This SMU graduate took us over to the SMU campus to take advantage of the wonderful scenery.



De Santiago Fam’ – The cold weather sure does one thing for us, it brings us all closer together! Nothing could keep this lovely bunch separated, including the 30ish degree weather. There bond could never be stronger and they showed it enough for me to capture.



Abigail – There comes a special time in every girls life when they take the step in to adulthood. It was such a pleasure to capture this quinceanera’s pictures for her big day!



Dahila – Such an awesome and energetic person needs a location to match. We head over to one of my favorite spots to shoot at, the Fabrication Yard. The graffiti does wonders for the background. So much energy here that added to the image to take them a step higher.



Corporate Headshots – Just cause it is for business doesn’t mean it can be fun or cool. Check out what we did for Abigail and Tim. There LinkedIn pictures sure took a next step up!



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